Excerpt from “The Dreamers”

I want to be a dreamer

because sometimes when I wish on dandelions

I don’t blow every seed off with one breath

and sometimes when I smile

it’s because I have to

and sometimes when I see a rainbow

I’m still mad that it rained

and sometimes I whisper to the wind as it kisses my face

and I tell it that I don’t know if I can do this

and it replies in that quiet voice wind has

that even with the winter

lilacs always bloom in the spring

Here we go

I want to be a writer. It’s not what I’m focusing on as a career right now because I am a very realistic person, but if I could pick a dream job that’d be it. An author.

I have had my Sondering Soul blog since 2013 but it is pretty jumbled and not really focused on any aspect of writing. So I wanted to create a place that housed 1. writing more focused on what I’d like to do as an author, and 2. writing I’m very proud of.

Let’s see how this goes,