Why We Need to Talk to Teenagers About Mental Health

I graduated high school seven years ago. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago and sometimes it feels like I graduated last week, but there are a lot of memories from those four years still fresh in my mind. But what I remember most about high school isn’t prom or sports or assemblies — it’sContinue reading “Why We Need to Talk to Teenagers About Mental Health”

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health at Work

With the rise in mental health awareness in recent years and the abundance of self-care tips available to the general public, managing your mental health is more doable than ever. However, while putting yourself first at home can be an easy decision it can be much harder to stand up for your health in a work setting. According toContinue reading “How to Take Care of Your Mental Health at Work”


look,  I spent twenty years seeing only the best you could bring and we may have been going down a two-way street but I was driving the car while you put your feet  on my dashboard  and spun the radio knob to something you said I wanted to hear so it’s my fault I guessContinue reading “e”